Questions about Canalway? Find answers here about Canalway and our work in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County and along on the Towpath Trail in Northeast Ohio.

What is Canalway?

Canalway Partners is a non-profit cultural heritage organization that serves as a catalyst for projects and programs within the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area in Cuyahoga County.

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What does Canalway Do?

Canalway hosts programs and events that introduce people to natural, cultural and historic amenities in Cuyahoga County, and we advocate for projects and policies that sustain and improve the infrastructure and connections within the National Heritage Area.

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How can I support Canalway?

Canalway is a non-profit organization that accepts donations to support our work and needs volunteers to help us host our events.

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What is the Towpath Trilogy?

The Towpath Trilogy is Canalway’s annual running race series on the Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga County. The series features a variety of distances, from a 5k to a full marathon.

The Towpath Trilogy is Canalway’s largest annual fundraiser, and supports our ongoing efforts to promote and programming the Towpath Trail and connect people to place for the prosperity of all.

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What is the Towpath Trail?

The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is a 101-mile trail between Cleveland and New Philadelphia that approximately follows the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath that was used by horses and mules to pull the canal boats from 1827 to 1913. Today the trail is used by hikers, cyclists, walkers and runners for outdoor recreation and exploration.

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How do I access the Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga County?

There are 9 trailheads in Cuyahoga County, including 6 trailheads in the City of Cleveland, where you can park and gain access to the Towpath Trail.

Trailheads in Cuyahoga County

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