Trail-Oriented Development

Trail-Oriented Integration and Development

To preserve the value of the Towpath Trail and other trails throughout Cleveland, Canalway advocates for construction and devolvement planning that prioritizes our trail system and transportation network.

Canalway continues to develop guidelines for trail-oriented development and work with the City of Cleveland and independent contractors to prioritize these recommendations.

Guidelines for trail-oriented development include:

  • Treating the Trail as a front door to future developments.
  • Showcasing the industrial and site specific history of the trail and geographic location.
  • Activating the space.
  • Limiting or removing obstacles to connection and sight, including curtain walls, staircases and other obstructions.
  • Using high-quality materials that are authentic to the historic environment.
  • Engaging in sustainable practices through planning, construction and beyond.
  • Accommodating the trail as a necessary transportation network.
  • Engaging with a variety of perspectives, including community members, trail users and other area stakeholders to evaluate perceived safety, accessibility, and inclusion.


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