2023 Featured Artists

This year's Towpath Trail Lantern Parade will feature illuminated art by three local artists. 


Joyce Morrow Jones

Joyce Morrow Jones is a native Clevelander who began her journey in the art exhibition world in 2016 under the name Orisanmi Kehinde Odesanya featuring inspirations from Diasporic African art. Her early styles included folkloric crafts and sewing.  She exhibits widely in the MidWest and South and is also a teaching artist who enjoys guiding others to create primarily from recycled materials such as paper, plastic, found objects and natural fibers. As an artist, her work is categorized as doll art, sculpture, fiber art, figurative art, cultural arts and mixed media.


Haley Himiko Hudson Morris

Haley Himiko Hudson Morris has lived in Cleveland most of her life by way of Alabama & California and identifies as Japanese American. 

She has dabbled in many layers of the arts community in Cleveland from visual arts, murals, art installation and event planning to making music with projects Pleasure Leftists, Donkey Bugs, Kiernan Paradise & Disintegration. Haley has diversified her work to include permanent works of public art such as SPACES Free Station Light Cube Sculpture and the streetscape of Miriam Ortiz Rush Park for the city of Cleveland. She currently operates her own stationery and vintage shop Himiko's Cool World on Cleveland's west side.


Ron Shelton

Ron Shelton is a multi-media artist and curator/publisher at the non-profit High Art Fridays. He is currently busy in the studio with several installation projects which include working in unsustainable material, plastics.  For the past three years, Ron Shelton and High Art Fridays has focused on international artists who are transforming the environmental hazard into works of art, with the hope of bringing awareness to our society of the damages this medium causes.

Ron's recent installation for The Earth is Us exhibition at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio featured "wasp nests," composed of sections of Purina Tidy Cat containers, and "yellow waterfall," which is composed of thin strips of polyethylene. Both of these works exemplify how much plastic is generated by large corporations.


Returning Artists

Debbie Apple-Presser

Debbie Apple-Presser is an artist and mother who throughout her career has run a ceramic studio and gallery in Little Italy, taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art, been a member of staff with Parade the Circle, and led many workshops. Currently, she runs Planet Joy, an art studio for adults with mental and physical differences in Medina, Ohio.

At the 2022 Towpath Trail Lantern Parade, Debbie created a lightning bug lantern titled "Magical Light/Magical Night." Debbie is also the instructor for all of the 2023 Lantern Making Workshops.  

Lanternparade 35
Lanternparade 5.1

Eddie Olschansky

Eddie Olschansky runs Trash Fish, a river clean-up organization that takes volunteers out on kayaks to help remediate some of the thousands of pounds of garbage that flow through the Cuyahoga River before it can reach Lake Erie, the drinking water source for 12 million people. Last year Trash Fish removed nearly 10,000 pounds of waste from the river and surrounding areas!

At the 2022 Towpath Trail Lantern Parade, Eddie created his  ‘ICK-thyology’ lantern out of recycled wire hangers from laundromats and dry cleaners, plastic bottles and other litter removed from the Cuyahoga River on Trash Fish litter cleanups. 

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