Stage 3 of the Towpath Trail Extension runs 1.9 miles from the Northern entrance of Steelyard Commons to Literary Ave.

This stage provides an important link between the populous Cleveland neighborhood Tremont, the employment and retail center Steelyard Commons, and the public outdoor recreation area Clark Fields.

Status: Complete


Tremont Bound

Stage 3 runs along the eastern border of Tremont, one of Cleveland’s signature neighborhoods known both for its history and present-day vibrancy. It is home to many of the city’s finest restaurants – Fahrenheit, Parallax and Sokolowski’s University Inn to name a few – as well as some of Cleveland’s coolest nightspots. From Edison’s famous pizza and beer selection to Barrio’s innovative build-your-own-taco menu, there’s something for everyone in Tremont. And now there is the Towpath.


Greenspace & Green Infrastructure

Stage 3 of the Towpath provides a buffer of greenspace between the residential areas of Tremont and the industrial areas found in the valley. The industrial heritage of the neighborhood is honored through interpretive exhibits and observation decks.

Stage 3 includes three wetlands and bioswales, removing stormwater from the combined sewer system, treating stormwater drainage and reducing run off pollution to the Cuyahoga River.


Meaning of Place


Clark Field

Located at the divide of Tremont and the Industrial Valley, Clark Field is a 50-acre park owned by the city of Cleveland. As Tremont and downtown have improved, the community has demanded that Clark Field join the renaissance.

In the near future, Clark Field is scheduled for a full renovation. The reconfigured grounds are slated to host softball/baseball diamonds, football/soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, an expanded dog park, picnic area, and a playground. It will feature renovated bathrooms and ample parking.


Bottom of the 4th

One of the leading questions received by Canalway Partners is, “How are you going to get the Towpath through Tremont?” The answer: West 4th.

This road spur was once much longer, spanning the eastern Tremont ridge. Though it is currently decommissioned by the City of Cleveland, it was never abandoned. By keeping control of the right-of-way, the City of Cleveland paved the way for the Towpath Trail. The West 4th corridor is roughly 1,000 feet from Professor Avenue, meaning the Towpath will be integrated into Tremont’s density without displacing any of its urban fabric. 

The Towpath Trail will ring the western and northern borders of Clark Field.  When combined with the local neighborhood trails, the Towpath will create car-free access to Clark Field, maximizing the value of Cleveland’s investment in the park.


Check out John Pana/’s piece (and video) on how stage 3 of the Towpath Trail connects into downtown Cleveland.

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